About Us
Founded in June, 2013 by representatives of the Langley Seniors Community Action Table, Langley Senior Resources Society and Chapter 48 CARP, Triple A Senior Housing became a 'stand alone' community organization in the spring of 2018. Following the formation of a nine member volunteer Board of Directors, we were incorporated as Triple A Senior Housing Society on February 4, 2019.

While membership is open to anyone subscribing to our purpose and vision, our volunteers are mainly older adult residents of the City or Township of Langley.

OUR VISION: To ensure that current and future housing in the City and Township of Langley includes a range of affordable, appropriate, accessible and inclusive housing options to meet the needs of all economically vulnerable seniors.

OUR STRATEGY: Awareness, Advocacy and Action

Raise awareness through public education and civic and community   participation
Advocate for public policy changes at all levels of government
Promote action through nonpartisan community and civic involvement to engage local and senior levels of government